Husband and Wife (Bundle) Discounts

⭐️ GREAT NEWS! We offer a $5 discount per shirt when you add up to 3 shirts to your subscription. So, be sure to follow the instructions below to ensure your discount is applied each month to each shirt:

1) Click "subscribe now" and then select your size and the click "Add to cart".

2) Go back to the product page and then select the size for the next t-shirt and "Add to cart".
3) Repeat this process as many times as necessary and, once you've added the total number of shirts that you would like to receive along with their respective sizes, click "check out".
  • If you have 2 shirts (subscriptions), add the discount code: "Bundleof2".
  • If you have 3 shirts (subscriptions), add the discount code: "Bundleof3".
This will apply the $5-off discount to each shirt on the initial payment and the recurring payment (Please know: The "recurring total" on the checkout page will not reflect the recurring discount - you will simply see that it is there each month when drafted). 
NOTE: If you are already subscribed and you want to add to your family bundle, just email us and we will ensure you're receiving the proper discounts moving forward 😁

If you have any questions or concerns about the bundling discount process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us: